Cage - Free Boarding

Gateway and Congress Location Only

Cage-free option is only available to regular day-care attendees.  We must have at least 3 weeks of regular visits to ensure your pup is ready to sleep in an environment without a human in the room with them.

If you choose the cage-free boarding at INN the Dog House, your canine companion will be well taken care of! Included each day are the following services:

  • All Day Play
  • Free Roam
  • Medication Administering and Food Supplements(for a fee)
  • Bedding, Food Bowls and Toys
  • Treats given, upon request
  • Outdoor play several times a day
  • Hugs, Cuddles and Belly Rubs all day!

At INN the Dog House you do not have to worry about your pet falling asleep! The dogs do enjoy their quiet time and have no issue falling asleep through the night after a long day of activity and play. Think of it as a slumber party! Your dog will choose the friend they want to cuddle with and choose the bed they feel most comfortable in. All dogs are fully supervised throughout the night with our caring staff!

Feeding while in cage-fee boarding is the only time your dog will be alone. We will never feed them in groups and will follow all instructions left with us while they are in our care. We will cater to all of your pet’s needs while they are our guest. We can mix food, refrigerate, heat or freeze anything that is required for your dog’s comfort.

Our Prices:

  • $42 per night ($61 Holidays)
  • All cage-free boarding guests can enjoy available concierge services for an nominal fee.
  • Late Pick-up: Check-out is before 12 pm, a day care fee will be charged if you cannot pick up by 12pm .  Your pet will be considered an overnight guest if not picked up by closing and will incur an additional fee for overnight boarding.

Not all dogs are candidates for cage-free boarding.  Your pet must be spayed or neutered.  All breeds are welcome at INN The Dog House, however, some breeds are not best suited to cage-free boarding.  We do not allow bully breeds or dogs that have to be constantly monitored for behavior issues to be in  cage-free boarding.  Please call us for more information on cage-free requirements.

Concierge Services:

  • Fun stuff available while you play
  • Picture Package (3 videos and 12 pictures) $15
  • Massage with any bath service- $7
  • Ice Cream Dessert $4
  • Story Time and Belly Rubs $9
  • Daily Dog Brushing $15
  • Private Run Outside $10 for 30 Minutes
  • Game of Fetch $9
  • Kong w/ Peanut Butter $5
  • One on One Private Play $9
  • Pup-sicle $3
  • Yogurt Treat (Home-Made) $4
  • Facial $20
  • Paw-di-cure $20 (Nail Grind, Trim Fur and Pad Cream)
  • Pool play – $10

House Food- We will be happy to provide house food to your pet, if needed, during their stay.  Our house food is a grain free diet and canned food is available by request, as well.

  • $2 per feeding for dogs under 20lbs.
  • $4 per feeding for dogs over 20lbs.
  • $6 per feeding for dogs over 100lbs.
  • Canned food $1 per feeding


  • Pills- $1 per administration
  • Injections- $8 per administration
  • Topical Ointments- $2 per administration
  • Eye/Ear Drops- $2 per administration
  • Wipes- $1 per administration

We do NOT allow owners to mix medications, supplements or additives to ziploc bags.  We will remove them and hand feed them to your dog and charge a medication fee. IF it is a medication that needs to be given and the dog must eat it, we will be happy to do so, however, it will be hand fed and cannot be left in the food bowl for the safety of all other dogs around them. 

Departure Bath: A departure bath is mandatory for all guest boarding with us three consecutive nights or more – $22 (additional charge for dogs over 50 lbs)